Looking for 1-1 coaching?


1-1 Coaching for women

for women who want more

where we deep dive into subconscious work to reframe limiting beliefs, unlearn programs no longer serving you and allow you the freedom to step into the shoes of the woman you've always been!

Optional worksheets are assigned on a need basis to support the changework we do together. This looks like meditation, journaling, etc.

You may experience any of the following; NLP, T.I.M.E. Techniques, EFT, Hypnosis, Subconscious changework, and more.

We'll communicate through Voxer so you can drop in with questions and receive support in between your regular 1-1 calls.

As we work together, I'll create a customized library of resources to support you during and after our time together. 

We'll play with various timelines so you can discover how to self source your own healing; past, present and future.

You'll receive 1-1 support. We'll decide the frequency most supportive for you on our first call. Each call is intuitively tailored so you receive whatever support is most aligned with your needs.

Subconscious work allows you to heal yourself today, yesterday and tomorrow.

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The shift in you begins moment you decide it gets to be different now. 

✔   1-1 Calls 
✔   Subconscious integration 
✔  Daily rituals to support your growth
✔  Access to custom library of resources
✔   Access to Megan between calls

1-1 Coaching for Women

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- J.D.

"Working with Megan has literally changed my life. I used to feel so stuck; paralyzed almost with uncertainty. You taught me to listen to myself and my intuition first. THANK YOU!


Since working with you, I have noticed shifts in how I talk to myself and the grace I have for myself. I felt very supported knowing calls were based on current needs and not a cookie cutter meeting.