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A Breakthrough Day is a full day session where we dig deep and create lasting change. This session will dive into an area of your life where you feel needs alignment with your goals and desires and we will change and shift beliefs to better align with where you're headed.

A detailed pre-session questionnaire will be sent. This is required in order for your Breakthrough Day facilitation.

You may experience any of the following;
NLP, T.I.M.E. Techniques, EFT, Hypnosis, Subconscious changework, and more.

Upgrade and receive 3 months of 1-1 coaching support with Megan as a part of your breakthrough day.

As we work through this day I may use some of the learnings to create custom resources to support you moving forward.

We'll play with various timelines so you can discover how to self source your own healing; past, present and future.

This session will take place over 1-2 days back to back and is about 5-8 hours long. We'll also have a consult prior to your breakthrough day to determine what area of life we'll be working with.

When you heal the woman behind the business, you also heal the business she loves.


Breakthrough days are designed to facilitate huge changes and deep shifts. You'll receive support before, during and after your Breakthrough Day to help integrate these changes.

Program Includes:
✔   1 Breakthrough Day (5-8 hours)
✔   Custom resources
✔   Post-session follow up




From the way I talk to myself and about myself to the way I move through the world and carry myself, these shifts have impacted every area of my life in such a profound way.


Our work together helped me by giving me tools to be able to work towards healthier habits and mindset.


I felt so supported throughout the entire experience. And I loved that our sessions flexed to what I needed at the time rather than a strict structure of "to-do's".